CMS SEO with Joomla or Wordpress

6 Aug

There are many opinions about CMS ( Contents management Systems) like Joomla , WordPress . We got always many of the threads seen asking which one is the best Joomla or WordPress for SEO.

No Limit to Search engine optimization for any platform (CMS) until you do the things in order . We have short listed few of the points you should consider while website SEO.

Domain Registration for SEO

Have you registered a domain ? if yes then you should go straight to the below search engine optimization tips for Content management system. If not then read this first think a bit about your products or services and then choose some keywords relevant to your products and services for your domain.

Keywords in your domain name got a positive marks from Search engines and will come in results the less time efforts for search optimization. So always buy a domain which is having keyword or keywords for your products or services to get fast ranking .

SEO Hosting Selections

Now you have your domain ready and you are looking for best and cheap hosting provider. Here once again you need to think about your products and services and where you are going to market them. Having geo location based target market will bring you more and easy clients if you got some Hosting provider in same area where you are going to market your products and services .

If you would like to market your products in United Kingdom then your choice of Hosting provider should be in the same country, no matter you are staying there or not . So once you have hosted your site in the same country of your target market its mean you have choose the right Path to success in search engine optimization .

Selection of Content Management System (CMS)

So here we go with the Best and tough part of our Goal. Selection of the CMS so where you go with Joomla or WordPress if these are the only options you have then don’t worry not a big deal .

Here are few Questions you need to ask it from your self ?

  • You or your Development team know Better which CMS ? Joomla or WordPress ?
  • Where your Designer would be comfortable creating custom theme or template ?
  • If you Need Customization can you or your team would be able to do it ?
  • What and How contents are looks like for your products and services ( Articles Type or Short products Descriptions ? Joomla to use for products descriptions and WordPress Articles type .

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